The Clay Artist, Potter and Ceramic Art Teacher's
Dream Come True!

Welcome to the Ultimate Clay work Guide Give-Away

This is probably going to sound a little strange...
At first you may think I'm kidding...
But the truth of the matter is that even though we have produced a collection of clay work tips and information SO powerful that it practically guarantees your ceramic success, we are no longer willing to sell it...

Instead, I want to simply GIVE it to you as a free gift.

Yes, you heard that right. I'll tell you WHY I've decided to do it in just a moment, but first let me tell you about how incredible this offer truly is...

It's a collection of the absolute most effective, comprehensive and practical Clay, Glaze and Electric Kiln Firing tips, troubleshooting and information
on the planet... period!

No more weeding through tons of technical information that might work for you.
Now get ALL your ceramic technical questions finally answered from ONE expert source in a down to earth and easy to understand NON-technical style!

Fact is, this source is SO good that you'll quickly Bypass all the usual trial-and-error learning curves and move straight into successful clay working like you've always wanted... no kidding!

And I'm not just talking about the usual garden variety collection of information, either. NO WAY! This is the REALLY good stuff... the "insider" info that many of the really advanced clay artists you hear about use all the time
(... but don't want to give all their secrets away).

Have the greatest and most effective tips, methods and information right at your fingertips! It's ALL revealed here, step by step, so that now you can finally get all the great results, too.

Indeed, this truly IS a ceramic art teacher, clay artist and potter's dream come true. These guides cut straight through the technical jungle, easily explaining what really works... and how to avoid those things that don't!

Based on the best insights attained over decades of ceramic trial and error experience, these clay, glaze and electric kiln firing guides are extensively researched and condensed into the ultimate series of step-by-step eBook guides ever compiled for the art teacher and clay work artist.

"But wait a minute, isn't this is the SAME phenomenal collection that originally sold for $33.87!" Yep... so, why do I give it away now? Simply because I believe that the exchanging of gifts is a far superior method of conveying good will between friends, and feel that the time has come to remove the cost barrier that hinders too many of those who truly need the help that comes with this wonderful collection.

But let's not waste a precious moment!

... the key to your ceramic success is just a click away.
So, go ahead, click this button and take a look at what's inside and get ready
... your ceramic dreams are about to become your reality!

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